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The Archery Trade Show may be closed to the public, but at Big Tine, we want to include you on the inside scoop. We want you to see what we are showcasing at ATA and what you can expect to see from us on shelves in 2020. Here is a breakdown of two products that will help you attract, develop, and grow your herd. This year, Big Tine will be adding Happy Hour and Cherry On Top to our lineup!   Big Tine’s Happy Hour Liquid Attractant is back with more cherry than ever! Want bigger bucks? Invite them to Happy Hour. Big Tine’s Happy Hour is a liquid mineral and attractant supplement that will not only attract, but it will hold deer on your property. Happy Hour provides bucks with essential...

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This week, Big Tine is at The Archery Trade Show exhibiting our new products for 2020. Although the show isn't open to the public, we believe the public shouldn't be left out. We want you to see what you can expect from us this year, so throughout the next several days, we will be updating you on Big Tine products that will hit shelves March 1st! First up, our new mineral & vitamin supplement, Big Tine NITRO™, which will be offered in a granular and block form.   “The deer were hammering our NITRO™ within days of putting it out. We believe our herd was healthier this year because of it. We’ve always said, it doesn’t matter how good your mineral is, if it’s not palatable, it won’t be effective.”-Jeff Lindsey,...

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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Deer Hunters

The holiday season is here and Big Tine has everything a hunter needs to attract, develop, and grow their whitetail herd. Every inch matters and now is the time to set your hunter up for success next season! Here are our top five picks for the best stocking stuffers!   Big Tine Evasion: $9.99   Big Tine’s Evasion works to cover your scent, while putting off the signature Cherry Rush aroma deer can't get enough of. One whiff and they'll be ready to eat! Why go into the woods smelling like urine, when you can go out smelling like cherries? You can use it on your way to and at your hunting site. Just spray it on your gear or around your stand! The Big Tine Evasion Cover Scent will fit perfectly into a...

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World Record Velvet Typical 191″ 8-Point

Congratulations to Jeff Majors on shooting the newest placeholder in The Buckmaster’s Whitetail Trophy Records World Record Velvet Typical out of Hopkins County, Kentucky. Dale Weddle, an official scorer, measured the buck for a green gross score of 183 ½” for Pope & Young. The velvet 8-point has three kickers and a split G2, and if you include the spread, measured an INSANE 191” and was already 220 lbs field-dressed in the early season.   “He was way bigger than I thought. In trail camera pictures and on the hoof, I thought he was a 160-class buck. He’s my biggest buck I’ve ever killed,” said Majors.   Kentucky’s bow opener begins the first Saturday in September, so there is a likelihood a hunter can claim a velvet whitetail buck. Majors claims that when bucks...

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Dirty: The Comeback Kid

Blake Garrett of Unfiltered Outdoors cannot be stopped this season! I’m convinced that by the time this hunting season is over, I will have written my first biography based on his life. Another “congratulations” is in order! With his majestic mullet flapping in the crisp, cool October wind, Blake took down his third buck of the season. This 160” named Dirty hit the ground of a Missouri timber river bottom on October 15th, a year and a day after Blake’s last, almost fatal, encounter with the 6-year-old.    It wasn’t until May 2018 that Dirty made his first appearance. He didn’t reside on the property until the Big Tine Protein Plus started getting put out. “When we started feeding on that farm, that was when he came in for the first time,”...

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Sandhill Stud & A Buck Named Blue Pill

Big Tine would like to congratulate Blake Garrett of Unfiltered Outdoors! Blake has had one heck of a season so far, and we don’t see him slowing down any time soon. Blake’s first buck, a stud 8-point (approximately 130”),  hit the ground on September 9th at Squareshot Outfitters in the Sandhills of western Nebraska. His second buck, named Blue Pill (162”) was shot October 2nd in western Kansas. Blake used Big Tine’s Protein Plus and Block with both bucks in order to take inventory and give the herd the nutrition they needed. The Block is twenty-five pounds of nutritional benefits to attract, develop and grow your whitetail and is perfect during the hotter months. Protein Plus gives whitetails the boost they need during antler growth and stressful winter months when nutrition...

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Nodak Velvet

Big Tine would like to congratulate the Giarrizzo brothers of Tag N’ Brag on their successful whitetail hunt in North Dakota last week. Both in velvet, David tagged out on September 3rd with a stud 10-point and Dean tagged out September 4th on a gorgeous 11-point.    “Still pinching myself and on Cloud Nine. What a way to start the season with another North Dakota tag punched...

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This Will Make You Change The Way You Mount Big Tines

They say you need to put on the miles for the piles, and if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what I’ve got lying on my living room floor. I’m proud of that pile of antlers because the effort I put into finding them. Although it may look like a pile of bones just laying on the floor to guests, to me, it looks like history, tradition, stories, the past and the future. At times I feel that pile doesn’t do those deer justice. In a pile, those big tine’s begin to melt together, losing size, character, and definition. They don’t need to lay in a pile anymore, nor should they. The RACK HUB™ is the best solution where modern meets tradition.   Take a look inside Austin Chandler’s (The Working Class...

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The Most Valuable Doe Management Factors You Need To Know

  Whitetail season is quickly approaching. With trail camera pictures and scouting ventures, bowhunters everywhere are beginning to build their hit list. In years prior, I would wait for my hit list buck. Deer after deer would come by, I would continuously pass up the opportunity for a shot. Not because I felt I was "too good for that," but more so that I didn't want to mess up other potential opportunities. If I knew a bigger buck was hanging out on the property, he was the one I’d hold out for. This year however, the first on my list, are does.   Doe management in the early season is more worthwhile long-term. Doing so extends the lifespan of native forage and food plots, allows bucks to consume necessary nutrition and not expend...

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The Working Man’s Food Plot

It’s not too late to supply your whitetail herd with the nutrition they need for the winter ahead.  If you’re like me, you might find yourself feeling behind. You might feel you’re running out of time, or you don’t have the money or the equipment required to have a successful food plot. The truth is, the late summer and fall is the time deer begin to increase their nutritional intake, which not only assists in antler growth but reproduction, immune response, and weight gain as well.   Whitetails need enough energy to prepare for the rut and carry them through the cold winter months, so food plots can be an extremely beneficial food source for them. Big Tine has the perfect options to yield success without spending an arm and a leg....

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