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This week, Big Tine is at The Archery Trade Show exhibiting our new products for 2020. Although the show isn’t open to the public, we believe the public shouldn’t be left out. We want you to see what you can expect from us this year, so throughout the next several days, we will be updating you on Big Tine products that will hit shelves March 1st! First up, our new mineral & vitamin supplement, Big Tine NITRO™, which will be offered in a granular and block form.


“The deer were hammering our NITRO™ within days of putting it out. We believe our herd was healthier this year because of it. We’ve always said, it doesn’t matter how good your mineral is, if it’s not palatable, it won’t be effective.”-Jeff Lindsey, The Lindsey Way


Big Tine NITRO™ Mineral and Vitamin Supplement contains the essential trace mineral nutrients and key vitamins that deer need. Big Tine NITRO™ is powered by a unique mineral management innovation that offers a range of trace minerals  in a form that closely mimics those found in nature which leads to a better absorption rate by deer. These trace minerals are bound to amino acids and peptides that are more easily absorbed and readily metabolized, optimizing your herd’s health and performance. This unique combination of organic trace minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, iron, and cobalt) reinforces the mineral status, ultimately leading to a better immune system, reproductive function and overall health. It is also backed by over 21 years of research. This organic approach allows minerals to be readily absorbed, stored and utilized by deer. 



Big Tine NITRO™ also uses an organic selenium versus an inorganic selenium (sodium selenite) that can be more readily absorbed and stored in tissues. The organic selenium we use is absorbed through the gut and into the bloodstream and is more bioavailable than inorganic selenium. Proper selenium absorption aids in metabolism, mineral retention, reproduction, and supporting a deer’s defense system in times of high stress or demand (antler growth, fawning, disease stress). Selenium allows deer to optimize health status during periods of increased demand. 


Big Tine’s NITRO™ mineral and vitamin can also be found in our popular Fortified Deer Blend and Plus Protein feed supplements. It even includes Big Tine’s proven cherry scent and flavor that deer seek and crave.


Get better whitetail results with Big Tine NITRO™ Mineral and Vitamin Supplement. Focusing on the health and nutritional needs of your whitetail population is imperative. When hunter’s render a supplemental food source for whitetails, they aid the population in antler growth, weight gain, enhanced immune response, reproduction, decreased mortality, pregnancy, lactation/nursing, and fawn survival.


Be sure to also check out our new line of food plot blends as well as our Happy Hour and Cherry on Top. If you’re at the show, come see the product for yourself in Booth 4825!


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