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The Archery Trade Show may be closed to the public, but at Big Tine, we want to include you on the inside scoop. We want you to see what we are showcasing at ATA and what you can expect to see from us on shelves in 2020. Here is a breakdown of two products that will help you attract, develop, and grow your herd. This year, Big Tine will be adding Happy Hour and Cherry On Top to our lineup!


Big Tine’s Happy Hour Liquid Attractant is back with more cherry than ever! Want bigger bucks? Invite them to Happy Hour. Big Tine’s Happy Hour is a liquid mineral and attractant supplement that will not only attract, but it will hold deer on your property. Happy Hour provides bucks with essential antler building minerals that help them reach their full potential. Happy Hour could be the catalyst you’ve been missing to attract, develop and grow your herd. This super concentrated liquid mineral attractant is infused with Big Tine’s exclusive Cherry Rush scent and flavor. Just pour it over bare ground, decaying stumps and logs, or existing mineral sites and you’ll quickly get results. Depending on deer activity, we recommend replenishing your site every 2-4 weeks. Happy Hour comes in a .59 fl. oz. bottle, and they go fast. Stock up with 6 bottles per case. 


Hunters need every advantage they can have to outsmart an old, wise buck, and Cherry On Top Corn Coating is just one more trick every hunter should have up their sleeve. The intense cherry scent used in all Big Tine feed can now be added to your feed of choice. Cherry On Top can be mixed with any Big Tine feed, corn, protein pellets or any other type of feed for deer. It can also be sprinkled over feed blocks, or even used to super-charge a mineral site. Mix it evenly with any feed of choice, about  4 ounces for every 50 lbs of feed is recommended. A convenient 2 oz scoop included to ensure your measurements are accurate.


The new line of attractants hits shelves March 1st. Be sure to also check out the new food plot line
as well as our Big Tine NITRO™. If you’re at the show, come see the product for yourself in Booth 4825!

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