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Now, we’ve all heard the old adage, “time for a good spring cleaning” and obviously we know that this is a saying that’s been around for a long time! This powerful, little sentence implies that it’s time to start working on cleaning up the mess from winter and getting things ready for a new season! Well, when it comes to hunting Whitetails, Springtime is a GREAT time for some “spring cleaning” on our properties!


Out with the Old, In with the New

When it comes time for spring, if you’re an avid whitetail guru like myself, the thoughts of “what went wrong and what went right last year?” Should be rolling around heavy on your mind! Foodplot placement, camera locations, new trails to make, better entry and exit routes, mineral sights, stand and blind placement etc. These are all things that we need to be laying out on paper (or an app like OnX Hunt) and preparing to do in person. During this time of the year, the green growth has not yet fully taken over the forest and we can still see old sign from last fall/winter and new sign now. These clues can help us put the pieces of the puzzle together when it comes to laying out our new strategies for this upcoming season.

During this time, I’m really looking into foodplot location and stand placement in conjunction to these plots. When it comes to foodplots and hunting around them, one must be very, very strategic with their entry and exit routes, as well as the favorable wind directions for the deer. All of these factors play into creating the best bang for your buck, when it comes to utilizing the drawing power of foodplots to your advantage! And this needs mapped out right now, before it’s time to plant those spring plots!


Double Down on your Time Afield

During the spring I’m always trying to divide my time up between sheds, turkeys and whitetail scouting etc. But, as I’ve become older I’ve realized that with the kids being involved with school and sports activities, my own obligations and jobs etc I have less and less time! So to make sure I’m still getting everything done, that needs done, I’m doubling down on my time afield! For example, when I’m Turkey hunting I will also plan for the “slow times” of the day and during those times I’ll hang cameras, prep treestand spots and scout for sheds and sign. Then once the Turkey action picks back up, I’ll go back to hunting Turkeys! Typically, I always have trail cameras, batteries, an extra stand, sticks and ratchets in my truck. So no matter what, I’ve got some tools I may need.

Another thing that I’ve been doing a lot of as well is combining my scouting efforts. When shed hunting I also make an effort to scout my turkeys spots and keep an eye out for turkey sign. I’m constantly marking the sign that I’m seeing and taking notes for later on. By doing this I’m able to “kill multiple birds with one stone” and make the absolute most of my time afield. We all wish we had more time, but until that happens we need to make sure we are utilizing the time that we do have afield, as wisely as possible. Preparing to hunt and scout, or shed hunt and hang stands etc in the same day, maximizes our time and efforts afield!


Homework now, equals Success Later

When it comes to SpringTime prep and getting things in order now, for the fall hunting season, we must remember that hardwork and planning now, will pay off later! Trust in and believe in that process wholeheartedly! Right now I am strategically putting minerals and cameras out where I know high traffic areas of deer will be. I want to help out my does, who are about to drop fawns and my bucks, who are growing antlers now! These areas will have cameras on them immediately to help me look at my herd numbers and what areas of the farm are best liked by my local deer.

During this time I’m paying very close attention to my cameras and what they are telling me about deer movement and travel in conjunction with the wind direction. These small pieces to the puzzle will play HUGE factors in your success come fall. I will then use the preferred wind directions of a property, to setup my stands, blind and Foodplots accordingly. I want my plots to utilize what the deer like and on winds that they prefer. This puts the odds in my favor of seeing more deer during daylight hours. I’m also using the knowledge gained during the spring to prepare and plan my entry and exit strategies as well. The best foodplot location and treestand setup does YOU no good, if you’re getting picked off by deer all the time coming in and out of your spots!

All in all, do some “Spring Cleanup” on your properties each year and you’ll reap the rewards come fall!


  1. Joe says:

    I usually think about carpet cleaning when I imagine “spring cleaning” but I like this much better! lol

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