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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Deer Hunters

The holiday season is here and Big Tine has everything a hunter needs to attract, develop, and grow their whitetail herd. Every inch matters and now is the time to set your hunter up for success next season! Here are our top five picks for the best stocking stuffers!

Big Tine Evasion: $9.99

Big Tine’s Evasion works to cover your scent, while putting off the signature Cherry Rush aroma deer can’t get enough of. One whiff and they’ll be ready to eat! Why go into the woods smelling like urine, when you can go out smelling like cherries? You can use it on your way to and at your hunting site. Just spray it on your gear or around your stand! The Big Tine Evasion Cover Scent will fit perfectly into a hunters stocking this Christmas season.

Big Tine Trucker Hat: $19.99

The Big Tine Trucker Hats are versatile and can be worn year round. They come in several colors and styles (black and red with a logo patch, black canvas, and camo). My personal favorite is the Patch Trucker Hat, our most relaxed fit. Complete the Big Tine look with any one of our shirts or pullovers!

Big Tine Nation T-Shirts: $16.99-$28.99

Similar to our hats, our T-Shirts are perfect for the everyday hunter’s lifestyle. They have that soft distressed feeling without looking overworn. These incredibly comfortable tees come in black, army green, and stone and go great with any Big Tine Hat!

Big Tine Last Stand: $16.99

Last Stand is the perfect late season turnip and forage rape food plot mix. It’s specifically formulated to be highly drought-resistant and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. Last Stand attracts and holds deer in your area throughout winter and germinates quickly- usually within 7 days of rain fall. Just disc or till seed bed 3-4″ deep, use 400lb of 17-17-17 or an equivalent of fertilizer per acre. Be sure to smooth the seed bed before planting and broadcast the seed at a rate of 2lbs per 1/3 acre. Just one bag will cover up to 1/3 of an acre! I personally planted Last Stand in my large and small food plots. I had bucks on camera hammering the turnips daily!

Big Tine’s ADG Trail Camera: $129.99

The ADG trail camera is one of our latest and greatest products. This camera produces high quality images so your hunter can keep an eye on their inventory and see what’s hitting their Big Tine feed or attractant throughout the year. There is a screen on the inside so you can easily check images without hauling any other electronics out into the field. The ADG Trail Camera comes with a one year warranty and free shipping! It’s small enough to go undetected and fits perfectly into a stocking.

From all of us at Big Tine, Happy Holidays! We hope you have a safe and wonderful season!

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