Big Tine Last Stand


Big Tine’s Last Stand – Late Seasons Food Plot Mix is specifically formulated to be highly drought-resistant, able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. Attracts and holds deer in your area throughout winter and germinates quickly- usually within 7 days of rain fall. (Turnip / Forage Rape)


Planting Instructions:
• For optimal results, conduct soil test prior to plating. (Preferred pH levels at 6-7)
• Disc or till seed bed 3-4″ deep.
• Use 400lb of 17-17-17 or equivalent of fertilizer per acre.
• Smooth seed bed before planting.
• Broadcast seed at a rate of 2lbs per 1/3 acre.
• Apply Big Tine S.O.S. once plants reach 2-3″ tall. (Rate of 5lbs S.O.S. + 20 gal water = 1 acre)

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