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The anticipation is killing me. For over a month, I’ve been ready for Fall. I’m ready for cooler temps, the crisp air, the warmth of sweatshirts, and to once again spend mornings and afternoons in the stand. Although it’s nothing new, hunting conversation has started to rule whenever my Dad and I get together. We strategize, reflect on old stories, dream of the possibilities, watch our favorite hunting shows, and listen to podcasts. Metaphorically, we eat, sleep, and breathe bowhunting Whitetails.

I felt much different this time last year. I was hunting new property that was unfamiliar and I was quite literally scouting the property into the hunting season. Feelings of uncertainty, lack of motivation, and pessimism overwhelmed me most days, but I knew I needed to keep pushing myself if I wanted success. I turned to my buddies at The Working Class Bowhunter Podcast. 

Certain episodes have a way of motivating me and holding me accountable. This podcast has a no-filter, deer camp feel, that we all know and love. Whether you feel yourself in the same unmotivated rut I was in last year, or you’re feeling excited and confident, these episodes will hype you up for the season. 

Episode 311: Staying Motivated with Clint Casper

This is THE motivational podcast that got me through last season. After listening to it, I continually reminded myself that if I failed, it was on me. Sounds cynical, right? Wait until you hear it come out of Clint Casper’s mouth. In this episode, the boys talk about summer scouting, internal vs. external motivation, internal guilt, personal pressure, and so much more. If there is one podcast to listen to this season, this episode is it. Clint makes an excellent crossover to his motivation within both his hunting and writing careers.

Episode 260: “Hopper Dropper” with Austin Chandler

“Lord Chandler” gives the full story of the legendary buck “Hopper Dropper”! If you haven’t heard this insane story yet, now is the time. It doesn’t get much better than laying a double droptine down to rest after approximately 9+ years of history. Austin is truly salt of the earth with loads of whitetail knowledge. No matter your experience level, this episode will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Episode 277: Bone Collector

I’m sure this is a favorite for me because it’s the day I got to meet my childhood hero, BUT it also makes you feel like you’re right there, talking hunting and shooting the sh*t with some of the most laid back guys in the industry. In this episode, Michael, Nick, and Travis from “…the brotherhood of The Bone Collector” sit down with the WCB crew at ATA. They chat about inviting people into the hunting lifestyle, life on the road, bucket list hunts, answer some rapid-fire questions, and discus some other irrelevant but enjoyable topics.

Episode 380: Summer Scouting with Mark Drury

I’ve been hunting for 20 years. This episode with Mark Drury STILL gave me new ideas and perspectives on hunting whitetails. I’ve always said, the day I stop learning will be the day I MIGHT stop hunting. After this episode, I don’t see that happening any time soon. From disease to public land, moon phases, summer scouting, and more, this episode will have you hanging on every word. No, seriously. I had to rewind it a few times because my mind was so blown. Start this episode at 47:00 to learn about social stress on deer, hunting smaller farms, getting along with neighbors (not “YOUR” deer), summer deer patterns and shifts, wind, rising moons, rain fronts, and SO. MUCH. MORE. I highly recommend this episode. 10/10. Five stars. Would recommend to a friend.

Episode 250: Big Buck Study Session

This episode has a more serious tone to it because these boys mean business when it comes to big bucks. They’ve got the track record to prove it. In this study session, Curt Geier, Doug Schmidt, Clark Cummings, Ross Bigger, and Austin Chandler have a round table discussion about hunting October and transitioning into November. Topics include the lull, hunting field edges, moon phases, pressure, rattling, and more.

Find The Working Class Bowhunter Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or just visit their website linked HERE for a complete list of episodes.

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