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Despite COVID-19, things didn’t seem to miss a beat in Rockville. Business is about as good as it’s ever been, if not, better. I’d say it’s safe to say everyone at Big Tine is anticipating the upcoming hunting season as much as our customers. I asked Big Tine’s own Jackson Ryley, National Sales Manager, Joe Umphries, Director of Sales & Marketing, Jeff Evans, Northern Sales Manager, and John Reichert, Key Accounts Manager, to take a moment out of their hectic schedules to answer ten quick questions in regards to their hunting preferences and favorite Big Tine products. Here’s what they had to say.



What is your favorite state to hunt?

Jackson: Anything out west! It’s hard to narrow it down to one state, but so far I have been to Montana, Colorado, and New Mexico and love them all.

Joe: Texas!

Jeff: Even though I grew up hunting in northern Wisconsin, Montana has become my favorite place to go in recent years.

John: I live in Kansas and love to hunt Kansas, but when I can draw a tag for Iowa, for sure Iowa!



What is your favorite time of the season (early season, rut, late-season, specific month or date) to hunt?

Jackson: Rut is always a good time, love the all-day action.
Joe: Late season

Jeff: Pre-rut in late October or early November are my favorite times.

John: I would rather hunt pre-rut then the actual rut itself.  I hate the lockdown phase.  I’d say my favorite time to hunt is October 25th thru November 8th (ish)…before the big boys get locked down with the first does.



What is your favorite time to hunt (morning or afternoon)?

Jackson: Morning

Joe: Afternoon

Jeff: Definitely mornings.  I like watching the sunrise and the world wake up.

John: Afternoon.  I only hunt mornings in the first week of November.



Which do you prefer-typical or non-typical?

Jackson: Typical

Joe: Typical

Jeff: Typical, especially big 8’s.

John: Doesn’t matter as long as I can put them on the wall…nothing prettier than a giant net Boone typical though.



Which do you prefer-climber, lock-on, ladder, or blind?

Jackson: Lock-on

Joe: Lock-on

Jeff: Climber for mobility and the option to quickly adjust.

John: Both blind and hang-on.



What is your biggest buck to date?

Jackson: 156” in Indiana

Joe: 158 5/8” mainframe 8

Jeff: Northern Wisconsin Non-Typical that probably scores in the 160s, although it’s never been officially scored.

John: 172”…I have over 20+ Pope and Young deer on the wall.  I’m still chasing that elusive NET Boone deer.



What is your favorite Big Tine Food Plot Mix and why?

Jackson: Buck Brunch! I am terrible at food plots and that mix will literally grow anywhere even if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Joe: Lock Down for late forage.

Jeff: Buck Brunch.  We have poor soil/growing conditions where I live, and you can always count on getting something out of it.

John: Long Range….because it has drawing power throughout the entire season with the different varieties of the seeds in the mix.


See our Big Tine Food Plot Mixes HERE.


What is your favorite Big Tine Attractant/Supplement Feed and why?

Jackson: Big Tine Nitro Deer Blend. It’s nutritious and I will get a picture of every deer on the property!

Joe: Fortified Deer Blend for max attraction.

Jeff: Big Tine Blocks are the best way to get an inventory of what’s on my property without disturbing the woods on a regular basis, and I never get in the stand or blind without spraying Evasion Cover Scent on bushes and branches around my location. Even big old wary does won’t pick you off.

John: Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend and Protein Plus equally. Kansas is a legal feed state so I can draw the deer away from my neighbors!


See our Big Tine Feed, Mineral, and Attractants HERE.


What is your favorite snack for the stand?

Jackson: Cliff Bars

Joe: Oatmeal Cream Pie

Jeff: Trail mix my daughter and I make with Cheerios, peanuts, raisins, and M&M’s. Lot’s of M&M’s!

John: Skoal Mint



What is your favorite celebratory beverage?

Jackson: Busch Latte or Jameson, depending on how hard I’m celebrating!

Joe: Busch Latte or Crown Royal

Jeff: Leinenkugel’s

John: Busch Latte



Drop your favorites below!

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