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Photo Credit: TJ Unger of The Virtue


I wake up to the beeping of my phone alarm. It’s the wee hours of the morning. Although I’m tired, I find the motivation to roll out of bed, knowing it’s only a matter of hours before the woods will wake up. The house is quiet. I walk into my kitchen and start the coffee and walk back to the bedroom for a set of base layers and socks to change into. Returning to the kitchen, I can smell the aroma of Folger’s. I grab a Yeti cup from the cabinet and pour myself some coffee, grab some snacks from the pantry and head out to the garage. Before I leave, I do a once over, making sure I have everything I need after packing up the car the night before. I hop in the drivers seat, start my car, connect my phone, press play on my Spotify hunting playlist, crank the volume, and pull out of my driveway.


The excitement of the endless possibilities is usually enough to get me pumped up and motivated, but I find having music helps. Every season I’ll find a set of songs that I listen to whether I’m on my way to the property, sitting around with my hunting crew throwing some Busch Latte’s down, or processing meat. In previous seasons, it’s even helped keep me motivated. I recall the following morning after I shot my buck last year, I was on my way to shoot pictures for the Big Tine catalog, still on Cloud 9, when “Good As Hell” by Lizzo came on. You better believe it was on full volume and I was JAMMING.


This year, the Big Tine crew and I decided to share a playlist. You can listen to it while you’re washing your hunting clothes, shooting your bow, driving out to your stand, processing deer, or just throwin’ em back with your crew. It’s finally time. The season is here. Good luck and enjoy!


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