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Photo Credit: Midwest Woodsmen

Big Tine is here to help you with all your food plot needs this planting season. We’ll give you the tools you need to grow successful food plots in order to help your whitetails thrive. Now is the time to take advantage. This year, we made six different blends available, to meet your whitetail’s needs all season long. Here are the new food plot blends you should consider for the upcoming 2020 season.

Big Tine added two perennial blends to be planted in the spring or fall, our Foundation Clover and Clover Select. The Foundation Clover is a mix of two Ladino clovers, medium red clover, arrowleaf clover, and white flowering crimson clover. Foundation Clover establishes quickly and has very aggressive stolon growth. Four pounds of Foundation Clover will plant up to a half-acre. 

Our Clover Select is a mix of Ladino clover, medium clover, white flowering crimson clover, and chicory. The seed is coated and clovers are pre-inoculated for higher seedling survivability and easier seeding. Due to the added chicory, this mix has an increased drought tolerance. Two pounds of Clover Select will plant a quarter of an acre. Both perennial mixes are high in protein, great for deer and turkey populations, and frost seeding. Mixing Clover Select or Foundation Clover with oats or wheat as a cover crop is an excellent way to start your food plot!

Along with the addition of perennials, Big Tine added two additional annual blends, Lock Down and Long Range. Lock Down is a great fall/winter annual plot with high protein during the hunting seasons. As soon as it emerges from the ground, it’s ready to forage. This mix offers excellent winter heartiness with two varieties of winter peas, an exclusive spring or fall cool-season forage pea, turnips, forage oats and forage wheat. White-flowered peas are more palatable and allow for better digestibility. Our Lock Down mix provides more peas per pound versus other winter peas. Eight and a half pounds will plant up to a quarter of an acre.

Photo Credit: Midwest Woodsmen

The Long Range food plot mix is made up of winter forage oats, forage wheat, forage rape, white flowering crimson clover, turnips, radish, and kale. It’s easy to plant and establishes quickly, producing a high tonnage of forage. Long Range is a perfect fall and winter annual hunt plot with excellent early and late-season forage attraction. Twenty-six pounds plants up to a half of an acre.

Why ruin a good thing? A lot of our customers and partners had so much success with Last Stand and Buck Brunch, we decided to keep them in our line-up! These blends are the perfect low maintenance plots for the working man. Our Last Stand blend is an annual fall/winter mix of forage kale, turnips, and rape that produces massive amounts of lush forage. Seeds are coated for easier seeding and higher seedling survivability. It establishes quickly and is designed for late-season hunting spots, withstanding extremely cold temperatures, to help deer get through the harsh months of winter and is highly drought tolerant. For prime food plot results, mix Last Stand and Foundation Clover or cereal grains to make the perfect full season plot. Two pounds of Last Stand will plant up to a third of an acre.

Buck Brunch is our no-till seed mix of turnips, white-flowering crimson clover, forage rape, forage wheat, and premier winter-hardy annual ryegrass. This is a fall annual planting but can be planted in the spring as a soil amender. Buck Brunch is great for early and late season but requires three to four hours of filtered sunlight per day and good seed to soil contact. This mix is great for transition plots between bedding and destination plots, remote plots around your tree stand, old clearings, paths in the woods, and corners of fields. Four pounds of Buck Brunch will plant up to half an acre. 

Help your whitetails reach their full potential. Get your Big Tine perennial and annual food plot mixes today because every inch matters.

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