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Get Better Whitetail Results

From spring to early summer, the world around us begins a process of regrowth and rebirth. Lush grass re-emerges from the soil, the woods becomes green again, plots are prepped, and fawns begin to drop. Now is the time to assist your whitetail population achieve optimal health.   Everyone wants the secret to growing bigger, better bucks, but it’s imperative to focus on the health and nutritional needs of the population as a whole. Some see supplemental feeding as baiting. They see it as a way to bait deer under a tree to be shot, but really, there’s so much more to it. When hunter’s render a supplemental food source for whitetails, they aid the population in antler growth, weight gain, enhanced immune response, reproduction, decreased mortality, pregnancy, lactation/nursing, and fawn survival.   Nursing...

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Tyler and Jessica Shepherd: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

   Tyler Shepherd of Northern Indiana, is no stranger to hunting big deer. He began chasing whitetails at the age of 10 on his family farms and ever since that first day afield, he had a bow or gun in hand enjoying the great outdoors. His passion for whitetails quickly turned to an obsession, and so began the year-round pursuit of managing farms, acquiring leases, and putting in the work to develop the local deer herd.   When Big Tine first came on the market years ago, Tyler began buying 40-pound bags of Big Tine 30-06 as a means of supplemental feeding in an effort to grow bigger, healthier deer. Starting with 200 pounds every two weeks throughout the Spring and Summer, Tyler implemented a long-term strategy for hunting mature bucks.   The Quest For...

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4 Aggressive Rut Hunting Tactics For Whitetail Deer

With November lurking just days away, if you’re anything like me, I have a hunch that whitetails are on your mind. We spend the entire year preparing for deer season by planting food plots, running cameras, supplemental feeding, scouting, and practicing with our equipment for the one opportunity at a mature buck. As the temperature drops, patterns are changing, standing crops are being harvested, and most importantly, bucks are getting on their feet. If October comes and goes without your target buck hitting the ground, it may be time to throw your “traditional” plans out the window and roll up your sleeves for the most anticipated time of the year… The whitetail rut!   Here are four aggressive hunting tactics to implement into your rut strategy this fall.   1. Leave The Treestand Behind   Too...

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Why We Wait: The Progression of “Holyfield”

Building history with a certain deer is something that is tough to do with free ranging whitetails located in highly pressured states of the Midwest. It takes years of patience, sound management, and a little luck to get deer to live past two or three years old in most areas. The guys from Big Tine are no rookies with seeing deer grow to their full potential and they do this through optimal nutrition and feeding regiments in conjunction with strict management practices.   In the Spring of 2016, a small two-year-old eight point showed himself on trail camera and the guys thought it would be cool to name this buck because of the giant nick in his right ear. With this feature being very Slot Gacor Terbaru prominent and visible on trail camera,...

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Late Summer Preparations For Whitetail Deer

Summer always seems to get extremely busy between weddings, vacations, and other family events, our whitetail deer hunting preparations can sometimes take a back seat on the list of priorities. Just a few months ago, I was saying to myself, “I’ll get around to trimming those shooting lanes or putting up those trail cameras,” and before we know it, deer season is knocking at the front door.   Even though July has mostly come and gone, it’s not too late to get outside and start knocking out items on the to-do list. Here are five things you can be doing right now to help prepare yourself for later this Fall.   Hang Trail Cameras   I don’t know about you but I look forward to checking cameras almost as much as hunting itself. The anticipation and...

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Big Tine Retailer Success Story: Abby Heistad and The Family Business

For some of us as deer hunters, growing up with hunting is simply a way of life. We all hunt for various reasons but many of us enjoy putting food on the table, to experiencing the outdoors, and creating memories that last a lifetime with the people we love. For Abby Heistad, hunting and archery is a huge part of her life in Northern Wisconsin and her entire family enjoys to hunt deer, bear, and turkeys as part of their heritage.   Loaded down at DeerFest 2016!  Abby and the family stopped by the booth to replenish the supply while at the show.   Abby took a beautiful Northern Wisconsin doe on her family farm sitting over the top of a Big Tine Buck Brunch food plot.   As with most products in the hunting and outdoor industry, seeing is...

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Product Feature: Buck Brunch Food Plot Mix

Often times when we think of planting food plots for whitetail deer, our initial thoughts make us believe that they require heavy equipment, many hours of work, and lots of extra cash. We sometimes also believe that they have to cover one or more acres of ground in order to attract deer. With Buck Brunch Food Plot Seed from Big Tine, it is simply not the case.   The beauty part about this food plot mix is that it is designed for no-till applications and once the dirt is exposed, the only piece of equipment required is a knife to cut the bag open. This irresistible mixture consists of clover, turnips, rape, and cereal grains, which is the perfect combination to attract and provide essential nutrients for your whitetail deer herd. Each...

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Post Season Scouting Strategies for Whitetail Deer

    There’s no better time than early Spring to hit the timber and discover what you might have missed from the previous season in the deer woods. By now the snow has lifted its protective cover to reveal the clues and puzzle pieces that can be put together in an effort to learn more about deer behavior, and for those who are willing to put in the time, the payoff can be huge. Late March and early April is sort of a lull period for me, where I’m not picking up sheds and turkey season is still a few weeks away, so it’s the perfect time of year to really hone in on rut sign. During my scouting endeavors, I’m attempting to locate scrapes and rub lines that were out of sight...

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Product Feature: Protein Plus

As the cold snowy days of winter transition to the warm sunny days of spring, mother nature begins to loosen her grip as we come into a time period of rejuvenation and new life. The dull grey forest floor beneath our feet will soon come alive with greenery and growth, which sets the clock for the next chapter. Whitetail deer are also beginning a new phase and when it comes to building a strong foundation for optimal growth, nutrition, and antler development, the crucial time period is now.   Starting with the rut in November and continuing with the ongoing stresses of old man winter, deer are flat out worn down by the time a spring thaw hits. Lack of food, cold temperatures, and deep snow wreak havoc on a deer herd...

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Shed Antler Hunting Tips

I love shed hunting. I’ll say that again: I LOVE shed hunting! Who doesn’t enjoy walking through a whitetail property on a sunny day with the anticipation of finding antlers on the ground? It’s literally an Easter egg hunt for grownups. Shed hunting is also an activity that everyone can enjoy and it’s a great way to introduce non-hunters to the world of whitetails.   As much of the deer hunting throughout the country comes to a close, dreams of finding shed antlers are at the fore front of most whitetail deer hunters minds. Deer season brings the utmost excitement for the avid hunter but unfortunately it comes and goes in the blink of an eye, leaving us longing for the next chapter to arrive. With a mid-February warm spell upon us,...

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