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This Will Make You Change The Way You Mount Big Tines

They say you need to put on the miles for the piles, and if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what I’ve got lying on my living room floor. I’m proud of that pile of antlers because the effort I put into finding them. Although it may look like a pile of bones just laying on the floor to guests, to me, it looks like history, tradition, stories, the past and the future. At times I feel that pile doesn’t do those deer justice. In a pile, those big tine’s begin to melt together, losing size, character, and definition. They don’t need to lay in a pile anymore, nor should they. The RACK HUB™ is the best solution where modern meets tradition.


Take a look inside Austin Chandler’s (The Working Class Bowhunter Podcast) Man Cave. Austin purchased both the single (RH1) and double (RH2) RACK HUB™ and mounted them next to his shoulder and full body mounts of some of his biggest trophy bucks. Not only does it show off the past antlers of the harvested bruisers, but it shows their story, how they grew, their character, and the history he had with those deer that helped shape those deer into the potential they reached. The ultimate potential that made Austin want to put those deer in his Man Cave. 

Austin had a lot of history with a buck named “Hopper Dropper.” Austin acquired several of the buck’s sheds from 2014 to 2017. In the Spring of 2017, he found one side of the Hopper Dropper’s matched set, while his buddy found the other. Crazy enough, that same day, they also found a matching set from the same deer that they estimate was from three years prior. Austin believes he was about 5 years old back in 2014, and four years later, Austin claimed him. The matching set from 2017 would have grossed nearly 200 inches if one droptines hadn’t been chewed on! Nevertheless, The RACK HUB™ mounts around The Hopper Dropper full body mount helps to tell his story and shows the history Austin had with that buck. The RACK HUB™ isn’t just for the Man Cave, though. 


While I’m not quite to Austin Chandler status yet, I’ve still found some cool ways to decorate using my RACK HUB™. Being the woman I am that loves the rustic farmhouse look, I acquired the RH1 in order to show off some of my biggest and best, with an additional twist. I wanted to experiment with the ways I could use it to serve a physical purpose. On my Pinterest (Yes, Pinterest. I’m going there…), I had previously pinned all sorts of decor ideas using antlers. When I came across the RACK HUB™, it was a no-brainer. It was the perfect tool for me to use my antlers for a modern twist on the rustic look, without compromising their integrity. It’s strong and sleek so when people look at it, they see a giant antler instead of a chunk of metal.


The first RACK HUB™ I used to create a jewelry holder. I hung my necklaces and bracelets from the tines, making it look hardcore, yet delicate. I was quite proud with my handy work and loved how it turned out, so I brainstormed other ways to use it. I decided to remove the towel hook next to my shower, and in its place, I put The RACK HUB™. It’s strong enough to hang my towels from and brings that modern, rustic farmhouse feel to my bathroom.


Another use I found for my antlers using The RACK HUB™, is to hold back my curtains. Initially, I had these ugly eye-sore hooks holding them back from my window, but now whenever I look at my new “curtain hooks” I feel the excitement of finding those sheds all over again. Last but not least, I mounted another RACK HUB™ in my dining room to act as a wine bottle holder. I had always wanted a wine bottle holder made from antlers for my dining room table, but now I have something that can hold them out of the way, but still has the rustic look I originally wanted.


RACK HUB™ products are designed with style and customization in mind. The RACK HUB™ provides you with the ability to mount a single shed or a matching set, and allows you to remove and/or change the antlers at any time. The folks at RACK HUB™ deliver top quality products with their 100% lifetime guarantee, and 100% American made and assembled products, designed by hunters, for hunters. With only four easy steps, hardware and tools included, anyone can set up and mount their antlers using the RACK HUB™. The product comes with everything you need including a drill bit, the antler insert, wrench and mounting screws. In my opinion, that alone makes it worth every penny. You can see all RACK HUB™ products on their website, including the RH1, RH2 (also with customization option), stands, plaques, and extra tools and hardware.

The RACK HUB™ is the perfect tool for mounting your sheds. Whether you’re looking for an addition to your Man Cave, or you’re looking to get use out of your antlers while still creating a modern, rustic farmhouse look, The RACK HUB™ is versatile. It’s strong, sleek, and easy to use with minimal tools required. The folks at RACK HUB™ have got you covered, so pull your best Big Tine grown sheds out from your pile today.

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