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This Will Make You Change The Way You Mount Big Tines

They say you need to put on the miles for the piles, and if you’re anything like me, that’s exactly what I’ve got lying on my living room floor. I’m proud of that pile of antlers because the effort I put into finding them. Although it may look like a pile of bones just laying on the floor to guests, to me, it looks like history, tradition, stories, the past and the future. At times I feel that pile doesn’t do those deer justice. In a pile, those big tine’s begin to melt together, losing size, character, and definition. They don’t need to lay in a pile anymore, nor should they. The RACK HUB™ is the best solution where modern meets tradition.   Take a look inside Austin Chandler’s (The Working Class...

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The Most Valuable Doe Management Factors You Need To Know

  Whitetail season is quickly approaching. With trail camera pictures and scouting ventures, bowhunters everywhere are beginning to build their hit list. In years prior, I would wait for my hit list buck. Deer after deer would come by, I would continuously pass up the opportunity for a shot. Not because I felt I was "too good for that," but more so that I didn't want to mess up other potential opportunities. If I knew a bigger buck was hanging out on the property, he was the one I’d hold out for. This year however, the first on my list, are does.   Doe management in the early season is more worthwhile long-term. Doing so extends the lifespan of native forage and food plots, allows bucks to consume necessary nutrition and not expend...

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