Your Big Tine Wish List

Your Big Tine Wish List


Photo Credit: TJ Unger

This holiday season, give the gift of the best food plot and feed products on the market from Big Tine. We have everything hunters need to attract, develop, and grow their whitetail herd. Every inch matters and now is the time to set your favorite hunter up for success!



Under $10:


Big Tine Cherry On Top: $9.99


Hunters need every advantage to outsmart an old, wise buck. Cherry-On-Top corn coating is just one more trick every hunter should have up their sleeve. The intense cherry scent used in all Big Tine feed can now be added to your feed of choice. Cherry-On-Top can be mixed with corn, protein pellets or any type of feed for deer. It can also be sprinkled over feed blocks, or even used to super-charge a mineral site.


Big Tine Evasion: $9.99


Big Tine’s Evasion works to cover your scent, while putting off the signature Cherry Rush aroma deer can’t get enough of. One whiff and they’ll be ready to eat! Why go into the woods smelling like urine, when you can go out smelling like cherries? You can use it on your way to and at your hunting site. The Big Tine Evasion Cover Scent will fit perfectly into a hunters stocking this Christmas season.



Under $20:


Big Tine Soil Test: $14.99


The first step for a successful food plot should ALWAYS start with a soil test.  Big Tine’s laboratory soil test will provide the most accurate results to enable you to grow the most successful, nutritious and attractive food plots.  Our easy to use soil test will save you money on fertilizer and lime by ensuring you are putting out the proper amounts of each for the food plot desired.  With quick and easy to understand results by email or mail, you won’t regret using Big Tine’s soil test for your food plot planting success.


Big Tine Clover Select: $19.99


Clover Select is a mix of ladino clover, medium clover, white crimson clover, and forage chicory. Due to the added chicory, this mix has an increased drought tolerance. Two pounds of Clover Select will plant a quarter of an acre. Both perennial mixes are high in protein, great for deer and turkey and excellent for frost seeding. This mix contains coated seeds for higher seedling survivability, easier seeding, and all clovers are pre-inoculated. Mix it with oats or wheat for a cover crop, an excellent way to start your perennial food plot!



Photo Credit: TJ Unger


Big Tine Buck Brunch: $19.99


Buck Brunch is our no-till seed mix of turnips, white-flowering crimson clover, forage rape, forage wheat, and premier winter-hardy annual ryegrass. This is a fall annual planting but can be planted in the spring as a soil amender. Buck Brunch is great for early and late season. It requires three to four hours of filtered sunlight per day and good seed to soil contact. This mix is great for transition plots between bedding and destination plots, remote plots around your tree stand, old clearings, paths in the woods, and corners of fields. Four pounds of Buck Brunch will plant up to one-quarter of an acre. 


Big Tine Last Stand: $16.99


Last Stand is the perfect late season turnip and forage rape food plot mix. It’s specifically formulated to be highly drought-resistant and able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. Last Stand attracts and holds deer in your area throughout winter and germinates quickly- usually within 7 days of rain fall. Just disc or till seed bed 3-4″ deep, use 400lb of 17-17-17 or an equivalent of fertilizer per acre. Be sure to smooth the seed bed before planting and broadcast the seed at a rate of 2lbs per 1/3 acre. Just one bag will cover up to 1/3 of an acre! I personally planted Last Stand in my large and small food plots. I had bucks on camera hammering the turnips daily!



Over $20:


Big Tine Fitted or Trucker Hat: $19.99-$24.99


These come in several colors and styles (black and red with a logo patch, black canvas, and camo). My personal favorite is the Patch Trucker Hat, our most relaxed fit. Complete the Big Tine look with any one of our shirts or pullovers!


Big Tine Apparel: $16.99-$43.99


We have something for everyone, including Men’s and Women’s T-shirts, sweatshirts, and pullovers. All Big Tine apparel is soft, comfortable, and durable without looking overworn. Get a Big Tine hat to complete the look.


Other food plot and feeding essentials:

You can shop for Big Tine products and other food plot, feeding, and other hunting essentials on Amazon, linked HERE, or shop our website!


Happy holidays from everyone at Big Tine!

Allison Rauscher
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