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This week, Big Tine is launching our newest products for 2021 at the virtual Archery Trade Show! Big Tine’s goal is to continuously improve and expand our product line and to provide our customers and their whitetails with the very best. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on diligently for the last year! 

Once again, we are expanding on our already robust line of food plot mixes and our supplemental feed line to meet all your whitetail nutrition needs. The expansion of our food plot line comes with the introduction of our new screen cover plot mix, Borderline. Borderline is the perfect puzzle piece to what was our almost complete food plot line. It’s a mix of fast-growing annuals that can reach up to 10 or more feet in a single growing season. Privacy, stealth, and strategy all come into play for hunters searching for the right ways to make deer feel safe enough to come within range. Borderline allows you to be as creative as you want in meeting your property’s needs and goals.

“Big Tine Borderline has changed the way I layout my food plots and access my property. This fast-growing annual can reach 10 feet tall and is easy to plant.  I can now section off my food plots to compartmentalize the deer on bigger fields, create travel corridors to funnel deer past stand locations, and screen off access points to avoid detection. Big Tine Borderline is a critical component to a successful land management strategy.” -Gregg Ritz, Hunt Masters

This new food plot mix can be used to create travel funnels, bedding areas, or divide large plots. It provides visual barriers from roads and access points to your stand location, conceals ground blinds, and is great for adding cover while more permanent screens, such as trees develop. Borderline is extremely drought hardy and stands tall late into the winter. A quarter of an acre plants approximately 12 feet by 300 yards. 

Big Tine has taken our already tried and proven feeds, with our exclusive Cherry Rush scent and flavor, to the next level with the all NEW Big Tine PLATINUM. Our Big Tine PLATINUM is not only designed to attract, develop, and grow your deer herd, but improve their overall health through their gut by incorporating scientifically proven additives. Big Tine PLATINUM is fortified with Big Tine’s Nitro mineral and vitamin supplement but includes the addition of TRIAD Opti-Rumen, a combination of revolutionary feed technologies designed to promote healthier deer through their diet.

Platinum Fortified Deer Blend is a blend of corn, roasted soybeans, peanuts, milo, sunflower seeds, and protein pellets. Nitro Mineral and Vitamin Supplement was included because it consists of scientifically-proven chelated/organic minerals and organic selenium for better absorption and utilization along with the essential vitamins deer need. Both TRIAD Opti-Rumen and NITRO aid in palatability creating a desire to come back for more.

The highly digestible source of essential and non-essential amino acids also aid in palatability, gut health, and blood flow in capillaries which, in turn, helps with antler development. This feed also contains key prebiotics and probiotics. These support immunity and aid the gut’s function to efficiently turn forage into usable nutrients, while the yeast culture component increases digestion and the utilization of those nutrients, promoting a total protein supply for maximum growth and development of body frame and antlers. 

“Deer health and nutrition are the cornerstones of my deer management program.  Bine Tine has helped me maximize the genetic potential of my farms for years and now with the introduction of their Platinum blend my herd has everything they need to boost their immune system and improve gut health for optimum antler growth.” – Gregg Ritz, Hunt Masters

By using Big Tine, you supply the means to better gut health in your whitetails, which directly influences more efficient nutrient absorption. When deer absorb nutrients more efficiently, they’re better conditioned. For does specifically, Platinum aids in lactation, giving them a better ability to feed multiple fawns, resulting in the improved transfer of disease immunity, and optimized genetic potential in terms of body size and antler growth. This feed can be used year-round, and is a crucial inventory and shed season tool in the off season. You can read how to use supplemental feeding to collect more sheds HERE.

Big Tine is proud to continue serving the hunting community with our tried and proven products in 2021. We are passionate about the work we do, providing the everyday hunter with the tools you need to be successful, at an affordable price. The whole grains used in Big Tine are grown and harvested locally, on the farms of Indiana, and stored in our facilities to ensure a top-quality product. We cannot emphasize how important whitetail nutrition is. Make it your goal this year to attract, develop, and grow your whitetails. You will not be disappointed.

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