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Late Season Whitetail Deer Hunting Strategies

Whether you’re trying to notch an unfilled buck tag or just trying to stock up the freezer before the end of the year, late season whitetail hunting can be one of the best times to be in the deer woods. There is something about a crisp cold day, watching deer move through the snow, silhouetted against the blanket of white on the ground that makes this time of year magical.   On the other hand, sometimes your spirits can sink low if the season hasn’t went quite as planned or if the buck you have been after has managed to elude you for the past couple months. Below are a few tips to help change your strategy and put it all on the table with the hopes of tagging a late season...

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Product Feature: Cherry Rush Cover Scent

Sometimes all you need is that little “extra” when it comes to fooling or attracting a big buck. With a number of cover scents and attractants coming to market almost on a daily basis, Cherry Rush Cover Scent stands out for a number of reasons.   Cherry Is Different - I’ve said it time and time again but I believe the key to attracting a whitetail is the ability to spark their curiosity with something out of the ordinary, something different. A potent cherry smell is not commonly found in much of the habitat across a majority of the whitetails range and I’ve found through continued use, it is a powerful compound.   Cover It Up - In addition to using Cherry Rush as an attractant, it is highly effective as a cover scent....

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Big Tine Success Story: Trisha Rector’s 142” Kentucky Whitetail

There’s often a reason behind success and rarely does it come from happenstance or sheer luck. For the serious whitetail deer hunter, gone are the days of the “weekend warrior” and merely hoping for a successful season. The victorious hunter writes their own destiny through year-round hard work which entails scouting, habitat improvement, stand placement, meticulous planning, and proper nutrition for the health of the herd. For the do-it-yourself men and women of the whitetail world, trophies on the wall are earned through blood, sweat, and tears and a perfect example of this is the story of Trisha Rector and her three-year quest to kill a buck she calls “Resurrection.”   Bigger, Healthier Deer   Trisha began hunting at the age of 10 in her home state of Kentucky and ever since she killed...

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Product Feature: Cherry Rush Last Call

Ever since I began using Big Tine, the one thing that really stuck out to me was the cherry flavor and aroma found in all of their supplemental deer feed products. I’m a firm believer that anything out of the ordinary in the whitetail woods will spark curiosity and the aroma flavor found in Cherry Rush Last Call is absolutely irresistible to the nose of a whitetail deer.   One of the many great things about Cherry Rush is how small and compact the packaging is. I can easily fit a couple bags in my backpack during my scouting efforts to place in front of trail cams and although it may be small, it sure does pack a punch.   Proof Is In The Pudding   I prefer to use trail cameras for inventory purposes during...

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Late Summer Trail Camera Scouting Tips

So maybe you just picked up a new lease during the offseason or recently gained access to hunt a dynamite piece of ground you’ve dreamed about for years, but now what? Where do you begin? For me, the first step in the entire process is plain and simple; setting trail cameras. This allows me to inventory deer on the property and gives me an idea of the caliber of deer in the area.   When it comes to summer scouting, it’s tough to beat the anticipation of checking a good trail camera in hopes of locating a trophy whitetail. What’s not to love? For hardcore whitetail hunters, it’s like Christmas morning every time we pull a card and sort through the pictures on our phone or computer. I personally look forward to...

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Product Feature: Big Tine 30-06

There’s no question that Big Tine produces tremendous antler growth in whitetail deer but have you ever wondered why? It boils down to science. Big Tine 30-06 is an ideal, all-in-one mixture of nutrients and minerals that deer need for optimal health, which is backed slot jackpot terbesar through decades of proven science and research. There’s a reason its called “Big Tine” and the results speak for themselves.   I like to make the analogy of comparing a body builders meal planning and diet routine to the use of Big Tine when consumed by whitetail deer. Body builders train year round and only consume food that is best for their overall health so that they can develop their bodies to the situs slot gacor terbaru fullest potential. As a byproduct of living...

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As hunters, we are constantly learning more about the deer we pursue with each scouting endeavor, with every trail camera photo and with every encounter we experience. I personally think of deer hunting as giant puzzle; the more pieces I have, the better my chances at completing the puzzle and connecting the dots, which ultimately means putting an arrow through a mature whitetail buck.  The problem during winter months, at least for me, is my lack of time to scout because of work and the distance I have to travel to the property I hunt.   A puzzle, much like deer hunting, takes time and keen attention to detail in order to put the pieces together and for everything to align. Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle in a...

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Taking Post-Season Inventory with Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend: Part 1

The longer I deer hunt and the more I immerse myself in this sport I am so passionate about, it seems as though the season never ends. Although I may not be carrying my bow with me during this time of year, as an obsessed bow hunter I am always hunting. When one season ends the next one begins, bringing a whole different game plan to my year long pursuit.   During the Winter months I have traded in my bow for two different types of weapons better suited for the task at hand; Trail Camera’s and Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend. My goal for this part of the year is to find out which deer made it through the season while at the same time, give them a little extra nutrition...

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With Patience Come Reward

It was a long season for Jeff Evans in Indiana.  Jeff is the Big Tine Sales Representative for Wisconsin and surrounding states.  When he's not on the boat, tackling monster walleye, smallmouth & musky at his guide service Jeff Evan's Wisconsin Fishing Guides, he tries to come down to the Hoosier State to tangle with the Big Tine Hoosier giants.  after seeing a lot of activity in bow season, but no shooter, Jeff returned in mid-December to try his luck with his muzzleloader.  as fate would have it, Jeff found himself hunting from the ground and late in the day this buck presented himself on the field checking the already feeding does.  the Buck turned broadside at 125 yards, and Jeff's TC cleared the field.  the shot was absolutely flawless,...

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