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Product Feature: Buck Brunch Food Plot Mix

Often times when we think of planting food plots for whitetail deer, our initial thoughts make us believe that they require heavy equipment, many hours of work, and lots of extra cash. We sometimes also believe that they have to cover one or more acres of ground in order to attract deer. With Buck Brunch Food Plot Seed from Big Tine, it is simply not the case.

The beauty part about this food plot mix is that it is designed for no-till applications and once the dirt is exposed, the only piece of equipment required is a knife to cut the bag open. This irresistible mixture consists of clover, turnips, rape, and cereal grains, which is the perfect combination to attract and provide essential nutrients for your whitetail deer herd. Each individual bag will cover up to 1/4 acre, so pick a spot (big or small) and cover the ground with a toss of the hand.

Buck Brunch Food Plots can be established just about anywhere on hunting properties, big or small.




Best Applications For Buck Brunch

Although a food plot can be established just about anywhere with decent sun and exposed soil, my favorite place to put Buck Brunch Food Plots are in and around crop fields. Here are a few ideal scenarios/areas to look for on your hunting property:

•   Flooded Dirt Patches – We’ve all seen corn and bean fields that look like swiss cheese (littered with brown dirt patches) from Spring floods. Take advantage of this exposed, wet soil and throw out a bag or two of food plot mix.

•   Fence Rows and Field Edges – Since Buck Brunch Food Plot Seed only requires 3-4 hours of sunlight a day, it can easily be planted along tree lines where sunlight stunts the growth of planted agriculture.

In both scenarios, you can effortlessly create multiple food plots in the same field while maintaining a low impact on existing crops.

It’s Time To Plant

Food plot season is upon us so be sure to start brainstorming ideas and locations for a (no pun intended) killer location! Maybe you have a small secluded area on your property that you’ve dreamt of having a food plot on for years or maybe you are a beginner looking to try out a plot for the first time. Whichever the scenario, Buck Brunch fits into a variety of hunting properties to help attract deer while improving overall herd health and quality.

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