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Product Feature: Protein Plus

As the cold snowy days of winter transition to the warm sunny days of spring, mother nature begins to loosen her grip as we come into a time period of rejuvenation and new life. The dull grey forest floor beneath our feet will soon come alive with greenery and growth, which sets the clock for the next chapter. Whitetail deer are also beginning a new phase and when it comes to building a strong foundation for optimal growth, nutrition, and antler development, the crucial time period is now.


Starting with the rut in November and continuing with the ongoing stresses of old man winter, deer are flat out worn down by the time a spring thaw hits. Lack of food, cold temperatures, and deep snow wreak havoc on a deer herd which means this is the time of year to replenish and rebuild. With bucks dropping antlers and does getting closer to dropping fawns, Big Tine Protein Plus is the ideal supplement to boost overall reproductive health, growth, and antler development in whitetail deer.


Maximize Antler Development


Much like a body builder refuels his or her muscles after an intense workout, deer species will also benefit from increased protein during this time period to give them a head start for the remainder of the year. Protein Plus is packed with more minerals, more cherry flavor, and more protein than the regular 30-06 formula, which makes it the top choice supplement during a period of regrowth.


New velvet begins to grow immediately after a buck sheds his antlers, so in order to maximize antler development in your local herd, an abundance of protein and minerals are key. Big Tine Protein Plus is specifically designed and packed with all of the nutrients a whitetail buck needs to grow its antlers to the maximum potential.


Prevent Disease and Improve Reproductive Health


The special mixture found in each bag of Protein Plus includes fatty acids of omega 3 and omega 6 to help support immune systems and reproductive functions in both does and bucks. As the does get closer to the end of their gestation cycle, a well-nourished mother strongly correlates with healthier offspring.


The Time Is Now


If you are looking to help maximize your deer herd potential for 2017, the time to start supplemental feeding is now. Give them the strongest foundation possible by implementing a regimented feeding schedule with Big Tine Protein Plus during late Winter/Early Spring, and the results will showcase themselves later this fall.


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