Big Tine Main Event

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Main Event is a premium Fall/Winter annual mix of high producing forage brassica with the late season attraction of tubers.  This robust mix is loaded with various premium brassica varieties to provide the critical forage tonnage, protein, carbohydrates and other critical nutrients deer need from late Fall throughout the Winter.  Main Event stays green when the temps drop and other planted and natural forages begin to lose their value to aid your herd in being as healthy as they can going into Spring. The added bonus of Main Event’s incredible attractiveness will make this one of the best kill plots you’ve ever hunted over.


• Excellent kill plot
• Withstands cold temps others can’t
• Establishes quickly and grows fast
• Provides needed nutrition through the season and Winter
• Highly drought resistant
• Mix of Radish, Forage Collards, Winfred Forage Brassica, Purple Top Turnip, Forage Turnip, Kale and Rapeseed
• Fall/Winter Annual


• 1 bag is 4 lbs
• 1 case is 6 bags
• Covers up to 1/2 acre

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Weight 4 lbs
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  1. T Blake

    I planted Bigtine main event on August 20 2022 went to check it out on September 11 2022 and it looks awesome. It looks very full and lush. Great blend .Keep up the good work.

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