Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend Pear





  • Whole grains plus Nitro Mineral & Vitamin Supplement
  • Supports antler growth and bone density
  • Aids in doe lactation during fawning
  • Infused with Big Tine’s exclusive Pear scent and flavor
  • Can be fed year-round


Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend is the perfect combination of wholesome grains, vitamins & minerals to support your herd. Our goal is to help improve the health & longevity of your deer through high quality nutrition. To promote antler growth, you must first improve health. Big Tine Fortified Deer Blend provides essential fatty acids, antioxidants, Omega-3 & Omega-6, and a complete mineral and vitamin supplement which are shown to protect against heart disease, support immune response & reproductive function. Big Tine provides all eleven minerals that are found in deer antlers, helping them to reach their maximum potential. But we don’t just want to grow your deer, we want to attract and hold them on your property! That’s where our signature Pear flavor comes in. The aroma is irresistible to deer & they simply cannot get enough. Designed to be fed year-round, Big Tine may be utilized by using a feeder system, or simply pouring on the ground.


• 1 bag is 40 lbs
• 1 pallet is 50 bags

Available May 1
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Weight 40 lbs
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