Advantage Turnips may be one of the easiest and most versatile fall/winter food plot mixes you’ll use. Advantage Turnips is a mix of three varieties of turnips with varying maturity dates. This mix contains forage, mid and large size bulbed turnips. As the turnips mature, the weather gets cooler and these plants get sweeter. You’ll know where to find your deer mid to late season and into winter. One of the many “advantages” of Advantage Turnips is their versatility. They can be planted on their own, mixed with cereal grains, other brassica, clover and even seeded over existing crops such as corn, soybeans and established perennial food plots. Turnips are easy to establish, making them a great option for those just getting into food plotting. The dual threat of forage and tubers offers tons of food to attract and hold deer in your area for the season and beyond.

• Easy to establish
• Three varieties of turnips
• Extremely versatile
• Provides tons of food
• Highly drought resistant
• Fall/Winter annual



• 1 bag is 3 lbs
• Covers 1/2 acre

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Weight 3 lbs
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