Big Tine Platinum 2,000 lb Bulk Tote



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  • Promotes digestion and utilization of nutrients
  • Supports antler growth
  • Optimizes overall deer performance
  • Aids in doe lactation and fawning
  • Provides key pre and probiotics along with amino acids
  • Excellent source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids
  • Can be fed year-round
  • Great inventory tool


Big Tine PLATINUM is not only designed to attract, develop and grow your deer herd, but improve their overall health through their gut by incorporating scientifically proven additives. PLATINUM Fortified Deer Blend is a complete deer feed consisting of corn, roasted soybeans, peanuts, milo, sunflower seeds and protein pellets all coated with Big Tine’s exclusive Cherry Rush scent and flavor. PLATINUM is also fortified with Big Tine’s Nitro Mineral and Vitamin Supplement and TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN, revolutionary feed technologies combined to promote a healthier herd through their diet.




•  Prebiotic
•  Probiotics (GA of 450 M CFU/LB)
•  Yeast Culture (GA of 30 M CFU/LB)
•  Key Amino Acids
•  Chelated/Organic Trace Minerals


Experience the PLATINUM difference with Big Tine’s all new TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN.  TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN takes a multi-faceted approach to support gut health by maximizing the efficiency of nutrient absorption. TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN contains prebiotics that assist deer in rumen function, that aids in more nutrient utilization, which allows them to get more out of the forages, browse and feed they consume.


These prebiotics also promote digestion and the utilization of nutrients to boost protein supply and enhance digestibility. Other pre and probiotics in TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN work to reinforce gut integrity by supporting good bacteria and promoting overall health and performance. These components help small ruminants thrive and reach their genetic potential while assisting in better immunity and more nutrient utilization. Finally, TRIAD OPTI-RUMEN contains a revolutionary microbial protein technology that provides a complete protein that meets a ruminant’s requirements for all essential amino acids, containing an array of highly digestible essential and non-essential amino acids that aid in palatability, gut health and antler development.  By capitalizing on nutrient absorption and supporting gut health the end result is better conditioned deer, healthier does, improved transfer of immunity from does to fawns and optimized genetic potential (body size & antler growth).


Better Gut Health = Better conditioned deer, better ability to feed multiple fawns, improved transfer of immunity and optimized genetic potential (body size & antler growth).


• 1 bag is 30 lbs
• 1 pallet is 60 bags


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