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Product Feature: Cherry Rush Last Call

Ever since I began using Big Tine, the one thing that really stuck out to me was the cherry flavor and aroma found in all of their supplemental deer feed products. I’m a firm believer that anything out of the ordinary in the whitetail woods will spark curiosity and the aroma flavor found in Cherry Rush Last Call is absolutely irresistible to the nose of a whitetail deer.

One of the many great things about Cherry Rush is how small and compact the packaging is. I can easily fit a couple bags in my backpack during my scouting efforts to place in front of trail cams and although it may be small, it sure does pack a punch.

Proof Is In The Pudding

I prefer to use trail cameras for inventory purposes during the Summer months to get an idea of the caliber of deer utilizing my hunting property. If you missed my latest article explaining how I use Big Tine and trail cameras for scouting, be sure to read the full post HERE. LINK TO (

A great example of the effectiveness of Cherry Rush Last Call from Big Tine took place the very first time I tried the product during my Summer scouting endeavors in Kansas. From my prior digital scouting, I had a hunch deer were using a low area of a cow pasture as a bedding area but before diving head first, I decided to stick to the edges with a low impact approach. My strategy was to hang a trail camera on the up-wind side of the bedding cover and put out a bag of Cherry Rush to see if I could pull a good buck from the thicket.

“Cherry Rush is an effective way to get deer in front of trail cameras.”

“This mature Kansas buck could not resist the aroma and came in to investigate after I put out Cherry Rush hours before.”

As you will see from the picture sequence above, just over 4 hours had elapsed from the time I poured out Cherry Rush to having a mature buck in front of the camera. The results speak for themselves so be sure to add Cherry Rush Last Call to your arsenal for this upcoming deer season.

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