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While the gobbling of turkeys and sounds of shotguns fill the air, congruently, it’s time to plan and plot for the coming season. Our goals, the terrain, and soil pH may vary but Big Tine has seeds for all your whitetail growing needs. This year, we are featuring our NEW Main Event Food Plot seed, a premium fall/winter annual mix, available June 1st.

When I asked Big Tine’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Joe Umphries, what made them decide to add Main Event to their already well-rounded and well-renowned food plotline, he responded, “We are excited to add to an already all-star packed line up of food plot varieties. The focus of the Main Event was to build on our highly popular Last Stand. We wanted to offer more variety and larger acreage in one bag.”

Main Event is a high-producing forage brassica with the late-season attraction of radishes and two varieties of turnips. It contains forage collards, winfred brassica, kale, and rape, creating a robust mix that provides the critical forage tonnage, protein, carbohydrates, and other critical nutrients deer need from late Fall throughout the Winter. The added bonus of Main Event’s incredible attractiveness will make this the best kill plot you have ever hunted over.

“The blend of seven brassicas that Main Event provides, we feel will be the ultimate high tonnage, high yield brassica blend. It contains the standard turnip and radish of traditional brassica mixes, along with a few new seeds that a lot of food plotters may have not thought about trying before. All are highly palatable and attractive to whitetail and will provide a highly nutritious food source throughout the hunting season and beyond,” states Umphries.

This Fall/Winter Annual blend is highly drought-resistant, establishes quickly, grows fast, and when temperatures drop, your Main Event plot stays green. Other planted and natural forages begin to lose their value to aid your herd in being as healthy as they can going into Spring. 

“Late season is a pivotal period where the bucks are recuperating from the rut and the does are developing their fetus. Main Event gives the deer the optimal nutrients they need throughout the harsh winter months while still delivering attractiveness for anyone who still has a tag left to fill,” said Gregg Ritz of Hunt Masters after using Main Event last season.

Main Event covers up to half of an acre and will be available in 4 lbs bags with six per case. Big Tine’s new food plot mix will hit store shelves on June 1st or you can pre-order yours today for $29.99! Don’t forget to check out Big Tine’s other food plot blends such as Buck Brunch, Last Stand, Foundation Clover, Clover Select, Long Range, Lock Down, and Borderline. These premium blends of perennial and annual mixes are guaranteed to help those whitetails reach their full potential. Every inch matters. Head to a location near you and stock up on our premium attractants.

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