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Big Tine TRIGGERED is a high protein-based deer feed attractant, with the proper balance of fat and fiber, and contains Big Tine’s Nitro mineral supplement with a boost of added corn. For maximum intake, digestibility, and absorption, Triggered contains a research-proven prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by increasing the nutrient supply. Triggered offers the attracting power to draw deer in and hold them where you want them. It’s a great source of late season protein, when fed alone or mixed with other feeds. Triggered can be fed year around for scouting, or in front of trail cameras for herd inventory. Triggered is available in a 5 lb. bag in four powerful long-distance scents, Cherry Rush, Orange, Persimmon and Pear.
21% protein
4% fat
9% fiber

• 1 container is 5 lb
• 1 case is 4 containers

Other aromas: CherryOrangePersimmons



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Weight 5 lbs
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