All the great antler building components found in Big Tine’s Nitro Mineral pressed into a convenient and ready to use block. When hunters want to supplement but are faced with issues like not living near their hunting property or simply not having the time to recharge mineral sites regularly, the Nitro Mineral Brick fills that void. Deer are able to consume the block and continue using the site long after the block is gone due to the nutrients that are leached into the soil.


• Provides organic trace minerals, in a form as close to nature as possible & are easily absorbed, stored, utilized by deer.
• Selenium enriched yeast that helps optimize a deer’s health status during periods of increased demand.
• Powerful scent and flavor from Big Tine’s proprietary Cherry Rush.
• Long lasting
• 1 brick weights 20 lbs
• 1 pallet is 100 bricks
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Weight 20 lbs
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