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Lock-Down Winter Peas is a mix of three white flower varieties of peas and cereal grains designed for maximum attraction. Lock-Down Winter Peas mix jumps out of the ground to give you a leafy, high palatable, high protein plot in the early season, through the rut and into winter. The lush forage provided in this mix will make fence-jumpers out of your neighbor’s deer.


• Great hunt plot
• Fall/Winter Annual
• Exceptional, high tonnage forage growth
• Superior winter hardiness
• White flowered peas for better palatability and digestibility
• Mix of two varieties of winter peas, an exclusive spring or fall cool season forage pea, turnips, forage oats and forage wheat

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• 1 bag is 8.5 lbs
• 1 case is 4 bags
• Covers up to 1/4 acre


Planting Instructions
Planting Instructions

Lock Down Winter Peas performs best when the soil pH is in a 6.0 to 7.0 range.  A soil test is encouraged to determine your soils pH and fertility requirements prior to planting.  Select a site with medium to well drained soils that receives 4 hours of sunlight per day.


  • Add the recommended amount of lime suggested on your soil test.  If a soil test was not performed, add 500 lbs. of lime per ¼ acre to adjust the soil pH.  Once applied, work the lime into the soil using a disk or tiller.


  • Add the recommended amount of fertilizer suggested on your soil test.  If a soil test was not performed, add 75 lbs. of 17-17-17 or similar fertilizer per ¼ acre.  Work the fertilizer into the top few inches of the soil.  No deeper than 3 inches if possible.


  • Broadcast the seed at the suggested rate of 9 lbs. per ¼ acre.


  • Use a drag to work the seed into the soil, covering it no more than ½ inch.  Do not till or disk the seed into the soil.

Place a small wire browse cage over a section of your plot to monitor browsing pressure.



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