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Foundation Clover is a mix of five different varieties of clover designed to provide a year-around nutrient-dense high protein forage with maximum tonnage that’s highly palatable to deer. Foundation Clover will provide the essential protein and minerals bucks need for antler growth, and does need for lactation, when they need it the most, to help develop larger and stronger fawns. It’s no secret that clover is often the backbone to a successful food plot program and no corners were cut in designing this mix. The three perennial clovers in the Foundation Clover mix have excellent seed vigor with a persistent, high drought tolerance and can last up to five years or more. The two annual clovers provide a faster growing and sweet forage as the perennial clovers develop. Field evidence has shown these annual clovers to be bigger and thicker than other clover cultivars tested. Foundation Clover will Attract, Develop and Grow your herd.


• Great for both deer and turkeys
• Establishes quickly with vigorous stolon growth
• Persistent, high drought tolerance
• Plant Spring or Fall
• High protein for developing antlers and growing larger, healthier fawns
• Perennial that can last up to five years
• Mix of two ladino clovers, medium red clover, arrowleaf clover and white flowering crimson clover



• 1 bag is 4 lbs
• 1 case is 6 bags
• Covers up to 1/2 acre


Planting Instructions
Plot Maintenance
Planting Instructions

Foundation Clover performs best when the soil pH is in a 6.0 to 7.0 range.  A soil test is encouraged to determine your soils pH and fertility requirements prior to planting.  Select a site with medium to heavy soils that receives 4-6 hours of sunlight per day.


  • Add the recommended amount of lime suggested on your soil test.  If a soil test was not performed, add 1,200 lbs. of lime per ½ acre to adjust your soil pH.  Once applied, work the lime into the soil using a disk or tiller.


  • Add the recommended amount of fertilizer suggested on your soil test.  If a soil test was not performed, add 150 lbs. of 6-24-24 or similar, low nitrogen fertilizer, per ½ acre.  Work the fertilizer into the top few inches of the soil.  No deeper than 3 inches if possible.


  • Prepare the seedbed with a cultipacker, roller or drag.


  • Broadcast the seed at the suggested rate of 4lbs. per ½ acre.


  • If using a cultipacker or roller, roll over the seedbed to ensure proper contact with the soil.  If using a drag, DO NOT DRAG the seed in.  This could bury the seed too deep.  Simply allow the seed to settle into the soil.


*If using a drill, set the machine to plant at an average depth of 1/8 - ¼ inch.

Plot Maintenance

Fertilizing:  Perennial food plots should be fertilized each Spring, or can be broken out into two applications, with one in the Spring and another in late Summer.  A soil test will tell the appropriate amount of fertilizer, and possibly save money.  If a soil test is not taken, fertilize with 150 lbs. of 0-20-20 or similar, low nitrogen fertilizer, per ½ acre.  This rate can be split into two parts if fertilizing in the Spring and late Summer. 


*It is important to check pH levels each year to maintain the proper range to ensure nutrients are available for uptake by the plants.


Mowing:  Mowing perennial food plots will help keep unwanted grass and weeds out along with promoting new, more palatable growth.  Two to three mowings per growing season will typically suffice.  Avoid mowing when conditions are hot and dry, when plant may be stressed.


Herbicide:  Mowing can be very effective at keeping broadleaf weeds out, but grasses can be more difficult and still cause problems.  If grasses are still a problem a selective herbicide with an active ingredient such as clethodim or sethoxydim can be used.  If broadleaf weeds are persistent, an herbicide such as 2,4D Butyrac is recommended.  *Adding an adjuvant such as crop oil or surfactant make herbicides much more effective.


Place a small wire browse cage over a section of your plot to monitor browsing pressure.

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