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Product Feature: Big Tine 30-06

There’s no question that Big Tine produces tremendous antler growth in whitetail deer but have you ever wondered why? It boils down to science. Big Tine 30-06 is an ideal, all-in-one mixture of nutrients and minerals that deer need for optimal health, which is backed through decades of proven science and research. There’s a reason its called “Big Tine” and the results speak for themselves.

I like to make the analogy of comparing a body builders meal planning and diet routine to the use of Big Tine when consumed by whitetail deer. Body builders train year round and only consume food that is best for their overall health so that they can develop their bodies to the fullest potential. As a byproduct of living an extremely healthy lifestyle through complete nutrition and exercise, they develop large sculpted muscle groups.

Big Tine 30-06 is scientifically proven to grow bigger, healthier deer.

When whitetail deer are fed Big Tine, there really isn’t much of a difference because the process remains the same. If deer consume what is best for their overall health through optimal nutrition, the byproduct is larger antler growth in bucks and better reproductive function in does.

Big Tine 30-06 Is Simply Different

30-06 fortified deer blend was the first supplement ever developed to include all of the essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals, and fatty acids that deer need in a complete package. This all-in-one supplemental whitetail feed separates itself from the pack and provides unmatched nutrition for healthy herd development for many reasons:

1.    Whitetail Institute: 30-06 is the only deer supplement on the market today to include the power of The Whitetail Institute’s Imperial 30-06 Formula.

2.    Scientifically Proven: 30-06 is the only scientifically proven blend of essential vitamins and nutrients to grow healthier and bigger deer.

3.    Extensive Research: With over 20 years of research, 30-06 blend has been field tested and proven with unmatched antler growth and development in whitetail deer.

The Powerful Attraction Of Cherry Rush

In addition to providing essential vitamins and nutrients, Big Tine was developed to include the powerful attraction of Cherry Rush to bring deer in quick and hold them on your property. Cherry Rush is a secret formula that is absolutely irresistible to whitetails. By nature, deer are notoriously curious animals and will search out anything that is out of the norm that sparks their curiosity.

Farm country deer are used to smelling grains, corn, beans, and milo almost on a daily basis so without a flavor that is simply different, deer will be likely to pass by without much notice. The cherry flavor gives off a powerfully strong smell that deer can detect much further away than ordinary feeds, which makes it a great attractant for running trail cameras.

Running trail cameras over 30-06 is a great way to scout year round.

Travis Creekbaum, host of The Chase TV, said it best; “Big Tine is like getting your kids to eat their vegetables!” and that is really the truth.

There Is No Substitute

With literally hundreds of supplements, feeds, and attractants on the market today, it can be difficult to choose what is best to meet your goals as a hunter or land manager. Big Tine 30-06 is the supreme deer blend because of the ability to deliver everything in one package. There are no other supplemental deer blends that provide everything a whitetail needs to thrive and grow to their fullest potential, period.

30-06 comes in a variety of different bag sizes including 10-pound, 40-pound, and bulk shipments to meet a variety of needs, from a weekend scouting endeavor to a year long management program. To find Big Tine retailers near you, make sure to visit: to find a list of dealers across the country.

If you have had success with Big Tine 30-06 Fortified Deer Blend, shoot us an email or comment below for a chance to have your story featured on the Big Tine website!

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