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It was November 22nd, 2020 the first day of the Wisconsin gun season. Snow-covered the forest ground that Wisconsin afternoon when Morgan and Jeff Evans took off to their blind. They had set up 30 yards into the woods just off of their Big Tine Buck Brunch food plot.

Morgan, the daughter of Big Tine’s Northern Regional Sales Manager, had hunted with her Dad, Jeff, since she was 5 years old. She had shot her first deer, a doe, at the age of sixteen. Now 18 years old, she was anxiously awaiting her chance to fill her very first buck tag. Wisconsin’s northern timber region where the two hunted, is flat, desolate, and beautiful. Unfortunately, predators such as wolves, bears, coyotes, and bobcats are known to prowl the woods, making deer sightings lower than previous years. Jeff claims that in his younger years, it was common to see lines of 30 deer or more. Now, they are lucky to see six in a season. 

Morgan stayed persistent and patient with her .223 in hand. Finally, a four-point buck would appear with a fawn. Her adrenaline began to build as she watched the buck. At 40 yards, Morgan squeezed the trigger and down the buck went. It was a perfect shot. It was an hour after the shot before Morgan could calm her nerves but the celebrating wouldn’t end there.

Morgan decided to get a European mount made of her first buck to remember the occasion. Congratulations to Morgan Evans on her first buck! The memories made will last a lifetime! Moving forward, Morgan has her sights set on a 9-point buck that her and her father chased throughout last season. Big Tine wishes both Jeff and Morgan Evans luck in the seasons ahead!

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