February 2021


While it seemed like the rest of the year drug on, in the blink of an eye, the 2020 deer season came to a close. It was a great year for Team Big Tine with the roll out of new products from our supplemental feed line to our ever-growing food plot seed line-up. Big Tine nation took time to focus on keeping a healthy and thriving population, feeding deer, or maintaining and planting lush green food plots. It was because of this, the time, and the back-breaking hard work put in, our team was successful. Below, Joe Umphries, Big Tine Director of Sales and Marketing, picked his top 20 favorite moments to reflect on from the 2020 season.   20. Kevin Rauscher   19. Ernie Santana   18. Matt Bullins   17. Curt Geier   16. Krysten McDaniel   15. Blake Garrett   14....

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