December 2019

The Best Stocking Stuffers For Deer Hunters

The holiday season is here and Big Tine has everything a hunter needs to attract, develop, and grow their whitetail herd. Every inch matters and now is the time to set your hunter up for success next season! Here are our top five picks for the best stocking stuffers!   Big Tine Evasion: $9.99   Big Tine’s Evasion works to cover your scent, while putting off the signature Cherry Rush aroma deer can't get enough of. One whiff and they'll be ready to eat! Why go into the woods smelling like urine, when you can go out smelling like cherries? You can use it on your way to and at your hunting site. Just spray it on your gear or around your stand! The Big Tine Evasion Cover Scent will fit perfectly into a...

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World Record Velvet Typical 191″ 8-Point

Congratulations to Jeff Majors on shooting the newest placeholder in The Buckmaster’s Whitetail Trophy Records World Record Velvet Typical out of Hopkins County, Kentucky. Dale Weddle, an official scorer, measured the buck for a green gross score of 183 ½” for Pope & Young. The velvet 8-point has three kickers and a split G2, and if you include the spread, measured an INSANE 191” and was already 220 lbs field-dressed in the early season.   “He was way bigger than I thought. In trail camera pictures and on the hoof, I thought he was a 160-class buck. He’s my biggest buck I’ve ever killed,” said Majors.   Kentucky’s bow opener begins the first Saturday in September, so there is a likelihood a hunter can claim a velvet whitetail buck. Majors claims that when bucks...

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