June 2019

Get Better Whitetail Results

From spring to early summer, the world around us begins a process of regrowth and rebirth. Lush grass re-emerges from the soil, the woods becomes green again, plots are prepped, and fawns begin to drop. Now is the time to assist your whitetail population achieve optimal health.   Everyone wants the secret to growing bigger, better bucks, but it’s imperative to focus on the health and nutritional needs of the population as a whole. Some see supplemental feeding as baiting. They see it as a way to bait deer under a tree to be shot, but really, there’s so much more to it. When hunter’s render a supplemental food source for whitetails, they aid the population in antler growth, weight gain, enhanced immune response, reproduction, decreased mortality, pregnancy, lactation/nursing, and fawn survival.   Nursing...

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