December 2017

Tyler and Jessica Shepherd: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

   Tyler Shepherd of Northern Indiana, is no stranger to hunting big deer. He began chasing whitetails at the age of 10 on his family farms and ever since that first day afield, he had a bow or gun in hand enjoying the great outdoors. His passion for whitetails quickly turned to an obsession, and so began the year-round pursuit of managing farms, acquiring leases, and putting in the work to develop the local deer herd.   When Big Tine first came on the market years ago, Tyler began buying 40-pound bags of Big Tine 30-06 as a means of supplemental feeding in an effort to grow bigger, healthier deer. Starting with 200 pounds every two weeks throughout the Spring and Summer, Tyler implemented a long-term strategy for hunting mature bucks.   The Quest For...

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