October 2017

4 Aggressive Rut Hunting Tactics For Whitetail Deer

With November lurking just days away, if you’re anything like me, I have a hunch that whitetails are on your mind. We spend the entire year preparing for deer season by planting food plots, running cameras, supplemental feeding, scouting, and practicing with our equipment for the one opportunity at a mature buck. As the temperature drops, patterns are changing, standing crops are being harvested, and most importantly, bucks are getting on their feet. If October comes and goes without your target buck hitting the ground, it may be time to throw your “traditional” plans out the window and roll up your sleeves for the most anticipated time of the year… The whitetail rut!   Here are four aggressive hunting tactics to implement into your rut strategy this fall.   1. Leave The Treestand Behind   Too...

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