October 2016

Big Tine Success Story: Trisha Rector’s 142” Kentucky Whitetail

There’s often a reason behind success and rarely does it come from happenstance or sheer luck. For the serious whitetail deer hunter, gone are the days of the “weekend warrior” and merely hoping for a successful season. The victorious hunter writes their own destiny through year-round hard work which entails scouting, habitat improvement, stand placement, meticulous planning, and proper nutrition for the health of the herd. For the do-it-yourself men and women of the whitetail world, trophies on the wall are earned through blood, sweat, and tears and a perfect example of this is the story of Trisha Rector and her three-year quest to kill a buck she calls “Resurrection.”   Bigger, Healthier Deer   Trisha began hunting at the age of 10 in her home state of Kentucky and ever since she killed...

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