August 2016

Late Summer Trail Camera Scouting Tips

So maybe you just picked up a new lease during the offseason or recently gained access to hunt a dynamite piece of ground you’ve dreamed about for years, but now what? Where do you begin? For me, the first step in the entire process is plain and simple; setting trail cameras. This allows me to inventory deer on the property and gives me an idea of the caliber of deer in the area.   When it comes to summer scouting, it’s tough to beat the anticipation of checking a good trail camera in hopes of locating a trophy whitetail. What’s not to love? For hardcore whitetail hunters, it’s like Christmas morning every time we pull a card and sort through the pictures on our phone or computer. I personally look forward to...

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Product Feature: Big Tine 30-06

There’s no question that Big Tine produces tremendous antler growth in whitetail deer but have you ever wondered why? It boils down to science. Big Tine 30-06 is an ideal, all-in-one mixture of nutrients and minerals that deer need for optimal health, which is backed slot jackpot terbesar through decades of proven science and research. There’s a reason its called “Big Tine” and the results speak for themselves.   I like to make the analogy of comparing a body builders meal planning and diet routine to the use of Big Tine when consumed by whitetail deer. Body builders train year round and only consume food that is best for their overall health so that they can develop their bodies to the situs slot gacor terbaru fullest potential. As a byproduct of living...

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