Author:Clint Casper


      Let Cameras Do Your Dirty Work At this stage in the game, it’s mid-end of summer and most of our target bucks, or specific bucks, have been identified and found. With bean, alfalfa and clover fields providing a ton of daylight sightings and trail cameras lighting up with bucks galore, this time of year can certainly make it seem pretty dang easy, right?!    I mean let’s be honest, with bucks showing themselves all throughout the day during this time frame, a guy can easily get caught up into thinking, “Wow! This year is going to be the year where it’s EASY!” Well, I hope that this is exactly what happens for most of you! But, if you’re like me, things just don’t seem to come that easy! So, how can...

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Fall Plot Trap!              Tis the season! RIGHT NOW to get those Fall Foodplots in the ground and ready to rock! We have sprayed our ground, turned over the soil, spread the fertilizer and seed and NOW will pray for rain and good weather to grow what we have sown into the ground! Our hopes and dreams are that all of this hard work will pay off AND a big buck will make his last mistake because of our hard work and efforts! But, have we put a solid plan together for our Food Plot? Or have we just thrown some seed down and are hoping for the best? When it comes to fall food plots, my mind immediately goes to secluded kill plots and plots that serve...

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In today’s world, who doesn’t love to shed hunt? I mean let’s be realistic about this, not only is it a great time of the year to get outdoors after being inside all winter, BUT who doesn’t dream of picking up a freshly fallen, antler? I know I sure do! So, with that being said, let’s make the most of these times outdoors and try to find as many sheds as we possibly can! A plan of attack, when it comes to shed hunting, has always yielded me the best results, aka BIGGER piles of antler! Here are my top 4 tips for shed hunting!    Searching With A Purpose   We’ve all been here before, we start off shed hunting a ridge, a beautiful oak ridge that should be loaded with deer sign...

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