Big Tine Protein Plus 1,000 lb Bulk Tote





• With Roasted Soybeans for increased protein
• Powerfully Attractive
• Tantalizing aroma & flavor of Big Tine’s proprietary Cherry Rush
• Designed to help improve the health of deer
• Critical nutrients deer need & crave all year long


For serious feeding, we provide the Big Tine 1,000 lb Bulk Tote.


Protein Plus is the perfect supplement to add to your whitetail herd’s diet during antler growth, fawning the rut and stressful winter months when nutrition is vital. Protein Plus contains all the benefits you’re used to with Big Tine’s Fortified Deer Blend with a protein boost from the addition of roasted soybeans along with a higher concentration of Big Tine’s Nitro mineral and vitamin.


Bucks start growing their antlers as soon as the previous season’s rack has dropped. So why wait until the summer months to supplement their diet? Give them the jump start they need to achieve their absolute maximum genetic potential each and every season!


• 1 tote is 1,000 lbs


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