Big Tine Patriotic T-Shirt

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Reviews (5)
  1. Nate B.

    Extremely comfortable. Fit true to size. Very lightweight and soft material and sort of have a form fit, which makes them fit and look really nice. My wife really enjoys this shirt, too.

  2. Nate B.

    Shirt is extremely comfortable. Has a little bit of a form fit to it to make it fit right and look nice. It is very lightweight and soft. Bought one for my wife and she loved it too.

  3. Nate B.

    Shirt fits extremely well. It’s lightweight and is nice and soft. Has a bit of a form fit to it too so it feels good and looks good.

  4. bigtine

    Great t-shirt! Wonderful quality.

  5. Nate B.

    Very comfortable. These shirts are lightweight and very soft. They have a little bit of a form fit to them so they fit nice and look nice. My wife loves hers too.

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