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FAST TRACK – No Till Food Plot Mix


Fast Track No Till food plot mix is an excellent choice for hard-to-reach areas or when heavy equipment isn’t an option.  Conditioning the soil always should be considered for any food plot mix, but with good seed to soil contact you’ll be on your way to a green food plot in not time with Fast Track.  Fast Track establishes quickly, provides great forage, and attracts deer to hard reach areas in the woods, field corners, and logging roads. 


  • No-Till Mix
  • Great for fall and winter into early spring
  • Attracts and holds deer and turkeys in your hunting areas.
  • Easy to establish.
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Mix of forage rape, turnip, arrowleaf clover, white flowering crimson clover, wheat and ryegrass.
  • Covers up to 1/2 acre


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Planting Instructions:

  • Clear as much of the ground vegetation as possible by raking, weed eating, etc.  If needed, spray an herbicide such as glyphosate to kill any unwanted vegetation.  Wait the required amount of time to plant as suggested on the herbicide label.
  • Once the vegetation has been removed, till, rake or disturb the top layer of soil to prepare the seed bed.
  • Spread the seed over the prepared site, at the recommended rate, and work it into the soil without burying the seed too deep.  Soil contact is very important for proper germination.


Tip: Apply 150 lbs. of 17-17-17 or equivalent fertilizer and 300 lbs. of pelletized lime for better results.


Recommended:  Once plot is approximately 4-6” tall add 20 lbs. of a high nitrogen fertilizer such as    34-0-0.


• 1 bag is 10  lbs

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