S.O.S. ; Soil Optimization Solution

S.O.S. ; Soil Optimization Solution

Food plots have become a stable in whitetail deer hunting and management. They are utilized to attract wildlife and assist in giving them the nutritional requirements they need to reach maximum potential. When considering a food plot, the right seed to plant and soil conditions are vital attributes. To achieve optimal yield, quality soil must be present. If the soil suffers from mineral depletion, plants may not grow to the peak potential.

Big Tine S.O.S. (Soil Optimization Solution) is a soil enhancement product, derived from the ocean, known to contain 50,000 organic compounds and over 90 trace elements. It is formulated to assist in re-mineralization of your food plot sites and help stimulate micro flora populations. This may reduce both drought and heat stress and improve nutrient uptake.

Application Instructions:

Big Tine S.O.S. may be applied to your food plot as a foliar, or in granular form.


Blend 5 lbs of S.O.S. with 20 gallons of water, per acre. Mix until granular is completely dissolved. When properly mixed, S.O.S. will work with all sprayers. Apply at greening-up stage of growth, and after each cut.

Granular Broadcast

Apply 50 lbs per acre to designated plot in spring. It is not required to till in.

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September 24, 2014