December 2020

Your Big Tine Wish List

[caption id="attachment_62005" align="aligncenter" width="1148"] Photo Credit: TJ Unger[/caption] This holiday season, give the gift of the best food plot and feed products on the market from Big Tine. We have everything hunters need to attract, develop, and grow their whitetail herd. Every inch matters and now is the time to set your favorite hunter up for success!     Under $10:   Big Tine Cherry On Top: $9.99   Hunters need every advantage to outsmart an old, wise buck. Cherry-On-Top corn coating is just one more trick every hunter should have up their sleeve. The intense cherry scent used in all Big Tine feed can now be added to your feed of choice. Cherry-On-Top can be mixed with corn, protein pellets or any type of feed for deer. It can also be sprinkled over feed blocks, or even used to super-charge...

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